The company was founded in 2016 in order to invest in new portfolio companies and assist them in their development, and then find new owners who can continue to support their development further.
Per Mattsson

Per Mattsson

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Today, Per acts as an independent consultant. His focus is to help companies improve their project efficiency and to manage projects in a more profitable way.

Björn Berg


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Björn, MSc, born 1968. Björn has experience from senior positions and board assignments in Life Science, IT and the energy industry, at companies like Pharmacia.

He is also an experienced and driven entrepreneur with a number of companies on his resume, with experience in starting, financing, operating and divesting companies. Today Björn, in addition to investing in the early stages, also works with business coaching and advising, primarily within UIC, but also for other incubators.

He also has extensive international experience. Björn is chairman of three of PÄAB’s portfolio companies.
Göran Carlson

Göran Carlson


More about Göran Close
Göran, born in 1958, has spent most of his career abroad, after his studies at Lund University of Technology. Göran has lived and worked in Asia, South Africa, France and the Netherlands, and has had various management positions at Electrolux, at the Finnish rental group Cramo and at the Dutch group Pon.

Göran is currently on the board of PÄAB II and works as an independent advisor and company developer.
Öjvind Norberg

Öjvind Norberg

More about Öjvind Close
Öjvind is the founder of PÄAB. Born 1951, he has an international MBA and is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). He has worked professionally in corporate governance, as a management consultant, and as a university lecturer in business administration at KTH and Södertörn University. For many years he has worked as a CEO both in Sweden (including Nackahem AB, Storstockholms Fastighets AB, Board and Management AB) and abroad.

He is the founder – as well as the chairman of – StyrelseAkademien, and former chairman of Sveriges Managementkonsulter (Sweden’s Management Consultants) and Board member at Företagarnas Riksstyrelse (the Corporate Governance Council).

He currently serves as chairman of PreVet AB, Aurum AB and Gällöfsta Utbildningscentrum, the leadership foundation of the Swedish Ministry of Defense. He also serves on the board of Imint AB.
Mikael Lönn

Mikael Lönn

More about Mikael Close
Mikael, born 1949, is a registered doctor. He is an entrepreneur and business leader, in particular in healthcare, and has worked as an advisor and active board member in a number of startup and growing companies as well as large organizations.

He has experience in investing in, as well as in the buying and selling of companies. Mikael currently serves on the boards of a number of companies, including Mellanskog, Genovis and Spago.
Henrik Sund

Henrik Sund

More about Henrik Close
Henrik was born in 1961 and has extensive experience in building, buying, merging and developing different types of companies and organizations.

He has worked in a number of leading positions within the global management and IT consulting company Cap Gemini, where he worked in corporate governance, management and the development of new business areas, on both a regional and global level. Henrik has also been CEO of both the publicly listed companies Semcon AB and Teligent AB, and the privately-owned company Addici AB.

He has also held international sales roles within global companies such as ABB, Nokia Networks Oy and, most recently, TeliaCompany. In addition to running his own consultancy business, Henrik serves on the board of Imint AB, Pulsen produktion AB and VIG AB.

Natasa Pahlm

More about Natasa Close
Natasa, born in 1978, holds an M.Sc. in computer systems engineering. She has extensive experience in project management, change management and in building and developing new organisations.

Throughout her career, Natasa has held several project management and leading positions at innovation intensive companies such as ABB, Volvo and Bombardier, both as an employee and as an independent consultant.

Today she works at Sweden’s Innovation Agency, Vinnova, as a program manager within international collaboration.

What PÄAB means to me

“ The opportunity to meet experienced people from different industries with an interest in identifying and developing companies with potential. This makes it possible to distribute ones risk, and take part in exciting meetings. ”

Birgitta Landin